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Xiaoyun® II Fighter Jet Car Solar Perfume air freshener car Fragrance car Solar Rotating Perfume Dashboard Accessories car Organic Perfume Aeroplane (Silver)

Extended Fragrance Duration: The car air freshener effectively eradicates odors while maintaining a lasting aromatic ambiance. It is safe for use around pregnant women and babies.

Solar-Powered Motion: Employing solar energy for operation, the intelligent rotation feature of this car air freshener takes advantage of sunlight to automatically accelerate the aroma diffusion. No external charging is required.

Ingenious and Chic Design: Crafted from a lightweight and premium alloy, the car scents air freshener boasts a base design reminiscent of a flying saucer, coupled with a helicopter-inspired form. Its compact and elegant shape serves both as an aromatherapy enhancer and a decorative piece.

Enhanced Air Quality: Functioning as more than just a car accessory, our air freshener includes an aromatherapy core that actively enhances air quality, providing a refreshing and nature-like atmosphere.

Versatile Application: Suitable for a range of settings including car dashboards, bedrooms, homes, and office desks, our car fragrance stands as an excellent gift choice for friends and family alike.

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