Best pre-purchase car inspection,Dubai.

Hot Pistonz Garage-Top auto repair shop in Dubai

Before you take a decision to spend your hard earned money on a vehicle you are not sure of, we can carry out a detailed inspection of your proposed purchase to make sure you are buying a good vehicle and not somebody else’s problem which they are seeking to get rid of as soon as possible!

At Hot Pistonz Garage, we can provide a full multi-point Pre-Purchase Car Inspection. From wheels to wiper blades our trained technicians check and report on several items including any signs of previous accident or mechanical damage, brake condition, tire tread depth and engine oil quality. Our trained and skilled professionals offer honest, sound advice about the vehicle’s condition and any upcoming work that might be required in near future.

Our inspection service includes:

  • Full inspection of the vehicle’s body panels for previous repairs and corrosion
  • Paintwork, condition, oxidization and colour match if previously repaired
  • Interior, wear and tear, panel fit
  • Engine condition, general performance, noise, exhaust smoke, leaks, fluid condition
  • Mechanical defects, gearbox, clutch, suspension, bearings etc
  • Electrical components and equipment function check
  • Tire condition, wear, age and general condition
  • Exhaust system condition
  • Analysis of service history, particularly for cam belt change
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