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Engine Repairing

Do you know that the engine management system is the most vital part of your car? It consists of a wide range of electronics and the electrical components including, sensors, relays, Engine Control Unit, and actuators, which works in sync to provide the Engine management system its vital data parameters. we have qualified team for you engine repairing service in dubai

Gear Transmission Repairing

Do you know that the gearbox is the second most essential part of the car? It is necessary for your car to achieve the desired speed and torque from the same engine. Also, your engine cant rotates in all the directions, so to reverse the car gearbox is needed. So, now you know for a seamless drive, you need to keep your car’s gearbox in good condition. we are doing gear repairing and changing.

Engine Oil With Filter Service

Get your Engine Oil & Oil Filter Replaced in our facility for better price in DIP, Dubai. We have 5000 km, 10,000 km, and 50,000 km packages with 92 point checks and 144 point checks. Company Approved Oil Suitable For Car Oil Use we are doing engine oil change in dubai , but also filter that is 100% Orignal so do not worry about your car

Car Body Painting

The process of polishing your car starts by first washing the vehicle and removing any dirt that might affect the process. Once the vehicle is clean and dry, the technicians will take every panel of the car and polish it with the WURTH polish machine until the paint regains its original shiny property without affecting the original car paint, In case we are doing car body painting services (Orignal Paint) because it is long time and also scratch remover of you car

Car Programing Services

Our engineers are proud to say that they have the knowledge and high technology tools to fix and program Used Control Units from one car to another Car computer check up and programing we are doing with all types for upcoming car models in after 2016 these cars have high quality computers insides need to check by computer and programing done by computer so If you looking (best car computer programing service or repairing and checkup then come to hot pistons garage

Car Brake Pad Change

Therefore, it is high time you get your car brakes checked & fixed at Royal Swiss Auto. Even the tiniest malfunction should not be neglected, which appears only when you drive your car. So get your car’s brake pads checked regularly, get it changed when necessary. Car brake pad need to genuine and original because It is control your car, hot pistons garage is best in car brake pad repairing service we have all type of car brake pad and sensor

Car Body Kit Changing

Want your car to look its absolute best? We are here to help you out with quality body kit and car paint services! Accidental car repairing service, car denting and painting need in full dubai , so we have low cost in front of denting and high level of team that is doing auto denting such as ( bmw , Audi , Honda , Toyota , Mercedes , range rover , Volkswagen , jaguar , dodge , mg and etc ) because these car have safety and beautiful shape so it is better to do painting after accident and also we have professional team in front of car painting

Full Car Inspection Services

Before you buy a pre-owned car, it is always advisable to get it pre-inspected to prevent any future issues. There have been many circumstances where owners buy a pre-owned car and later repent their decision. Our team of expert technicians stress a closer look at a pre-owned car can tell about its internal and external conditions and helps their clients to judge whether it is a good decision for them to buy it or not. We are doing car inspection in dubai , also we cover full UAE cars , so from professional mechanic can do best inspection service tell quickly which car part need to be change and which is good before purchase car get inspection service

Car Electrical Repairing

Electric cars are becoming widely effective due to their advantages like simple and cost- effective maintenance. With the constant rise in the number of electric cars in and around the UAE, we have become one of the trusted and reputed electrical car service providers in Dubai ,Car battery and Car head light and steering system is very important parts in car, if you are looking car electrical repairing the you can choose hot pistons garage because we are doing best service in car electrical service

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