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Hot Pistonz Garage –  Top auto repair shop in Dubai

RTA Certified Speed Limit Certificate

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  • Drive By Wire: Electronic speed control for any vehicle with an engine management system
  • System 80: Fuel flow control speed control for Cars, Vans, Trucks and Buses
  • System 90: Air/hydraulic speed control for Trucks and Buses
  • System 2000: Air speed control for Trucks and Buses
  • Engine Rev Control: To limit rev for any vehicle
  • GeoKontrol: To Limit speed for Geofenced area(s)
  • High Idle Unit: To Limit RPM when PTO is engaged
  • Trailer System: To Limit the vehicles top speed when a trailer is hooked up
  • Emergency Vehicle Limiter: To Limit the vehicle until sirens are switched on
  • Reverse Limiter: To Limit the vehicle in reverse


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